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One PowerPointslide is all you need to create a great organization--or improve an existing one. Here are ideas, definitions, tactics, charts anecdotes and even a checklist from which you can borrow and apply to your company, division or team. Imagine walking into a room and announcing, "Starting today, we are going to change this company." As eyes roll, bug out nd elbows whack ribs below the table, you continue, "And, here's how. It's all here-- on my one slide."

Whether founder, CEO, entrepreneur, team or department leader, Human Resource professional, board member or coach, your willingness combines here with a roadmap to get it done. Build a great organization. William Shannon's career with Disney, many of its corporate partners, Duke University, and Davita all contributed to the premise and details in this book. Mr. Shannon's career includes presenting in 46 states, Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America. He was part of the small team that created the Disney Institute. Everywhere and every time, he strives to simplify the complex and make a strong culture the norm.

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