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WE BELIEVED: A LIFETIME OF AUBURN FOOTBALL is a front-row ticket to the roller coaster that is being an Auburn Football fan.

"I believe in Auburn, and Love it." But--Why?

Van Allen Plexico and John Ringer of the AU Wishbone Podcast, along with many notable Tiger players, luminaries and fans, dig through their memories of the highs and lows of the Pat Dye and Terry Bowden eras, telling the story--play by play, game by game, season by season--of the rise to greatness of Auburn football in the Eighties and Nineties.

Along the way, they also ask the deeper questions: Why do we all care? Why do we love Auburn so much--and why does that love so intensely manifest itself between the sidelines of a football field?

The answers they find will take you to the beating heart of why it's always great to be an Auburn Tiger.

With coach and player illustrations by 
Jarrod Alberich, as well as season-by-season won/loss records, scores, play-by-play highlights, post-game quotes, and game discussion and analysis.

WE BELIEVED is both the definitive history of Auburn football from 1975-1998 and a love letter to the Auburn Family, from two guys who never stopped believing in Auburn, or loving it.

"This book is (double fire). Unbelievably well done. If you are an SEC fan you need to grab this ASAP."
--Jake Crain, host of The JBoy Show

"Van and John are the Sullivan-to-Beasley of Auburn football analysis. Or Slack to Wright. Maybe Nix to Sanders. The point is, when you open the book, expect a touchdown."
--Jeremy Henderson, Publisher of the War Eagle Reader

"Like settling in to a long, glorious tailgate outside Jordan-Hare and tuning in the highlights with a happy group of fellow Auburn obsessives. All you need now is a drink and some Guthrie's."
--Will Collier, co-author of The Uncivil War: Alabama vs Auburn, 1981-1994

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