• Summer classes are going digital and so are we! We’ve planned our summer term around digital books for each course where they were available. You can find these digital options listed with different license durations under each title for the course. When you purchase, you will be emailed a code in your receipt with instructions on how to redeem.
  • We’ve still got some physical copies, too. For titles where digital options were not available, we’ve ordered stock, which should be available to order soon.
  • Scholarship students, we’ve ordered physical copies of your books. Order on the website and include your scholarship (Alabama GI, Vocational Rehab, or Veterans Affairs) and we will charge your scholarship and email you a form to sign for receipt of the books. You will need to enter a method of payment in our website to check out, but this will not be charged.
  • We can special order for you if your book is not in-stock. Just email [email protected] and we can help you!
  • You can now rent online for select titles! A rental agreement will be presented to you at checkout.
  • Free shipping will apply to all textbooks for the summer term. The discount is applied automatically at checkout!



If you belong to a contract billing program (Alabama GI, Veterans Affairs, etc.), some changes have been made to the process for the summer 2020 semester.


Students should email a PDF of their detailed schedule and their student ID number to [email protected].


Students can access their detailed schedule by following these instructions:

  • Log in to AU Access
  • Click the My Academics sidebar
  • Click the Student Menu icon
  • Click Registration
  • Click Student Detail Schedule


A PDF of the schedule can be created by clicking File, Print, and selecting Save as a PDF.


We cannot process contract billing transactions until this information is received, so students should send it as soon as possible.



When students order textbooks at aubookstore.com, they should enter their contract billing program in the order comments. We can process those orders when their schedule and student ID have been sent to [email protected].



If a student purchases a textbook from a vendor other than the Auburn University Bookstore, they should email [email protected] with an attached PDF copy of an itemized receipt with the title of textbook printed on it. Certain items, such as supplies, may not be eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be applied to the student’s e-bill.



The Auburn University Bookstore team