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Textbook Services


The AU Bookstore offers a full-service textbook department with time and money-saving options that include rentals, e-books, textbook reservations, and buyback. Our staff is happy to give you advice on how to save the most money with all the available options.


Return Services

Return Services

The AU Bookstore offers a generous textbook return policy, in fact it's the best one in town! Textbook returns are accepted for the first 10 class days. Want the details? Check out our textbook return policy.


 Ways to Save

Comparison Textbook Shopping



We want you to get the best textbook prices possible. Use the Comparison Textbook Shopping feature on our website to find the best deal on textbooks. If our competitors have a better price, we will direct you right to their website to buy the book!



Reserving Your Textbooks


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The textbook reservation program gives you the option to order your textbooks before classes start, or even before they arrive at the store.

All of your textbooks will be packed and ready for you before classes start. If you reserve your textbooks on our website during the discount period, you will receive a 10% discount on your order. You will also have the best chance of getting used textbooks, which will save you even more money! Want to know more? Check out the Reservation Program FAQs 


All Access

All Access is the Bookstore’s inclusive access program, which converts previously physical course materials into digital content. This material is ready and waiting for you on the first day of class. The All Access program eliminates the stress of finding the exact course materials for your class and the strain of carrying bulky, physical textbooks, all while saving you money. It’s all of the text without the book.

All Access

The First Two Weeks Are Free!

You will have free access to your course materials and other content until the fifteenth class day. To continue to have access, you don’t need to do anything. The charges appear on your eBill in the following format: AU Bookstore - (course name) after the fifteenth class day (drop / add).

Opting out of All Access Course Materials

If you do not wish to have access to your course materials, simply opt-out before drop / add and you won’t be charged for the material. You can find opt-out instructions here. Please note that you may lose progress on any homework or quizzes that you have begun. This option will only opt you out of the digital material, not the course. Remember, you will still be responsible for the purchase of the course materials on your own.

Watch your Auburn email the week before classes for important All Access information.


Physical Books

Professors may have arranged with a publisher to have a low-cost print version of the All Access book available for additional purchase. You must present your Auburn ID at the textbook customer service window to obtain a physical copy.

List of All Access courses available Summer 2021 Coming Soon


Renting Your Textbooks  

Many titles are available for a semester-long rental as another affordable textbook option. In-store rental is fast and easy, and you can purchase and rent book in the same transaction. Rental books are due the Monday after finals week and must be returned in person to the Bookstore by 5 p.m. Otherwise, you will be charged for the book on your e-bill after the semester ends.  Watch for an email reminder of the return deadline during the last week of classes! For more information on rentals, please check out our rental policy



We offer e-books for select courses as an affordable option, sometimes saving you up to 45% off a new book’s retail price. We partner with several different companies for digital books, including Copia, Redshelf, and VitalSource. These can be purchased in-store or online.

 Tip: Most e-books have a one-semester digital rights term, so if you are taking a class that uses the same book the next semester, purchasing a physical copy might be a better option for you.



Sell Your Textbooks Back!

At the end of each semester, the AU Bookstore will buy back your purchased textbooks for a portion of the cost of the book based on demand. We will gladly buy back books you bought from us, but also from other bookstores or online vendors, as long as there is demand for them.

During the last week of classes, we will send you an email letting you know the buyback value for all the books you purchased from the AU Bookstore.

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