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 All Access is the Bookstore’s inclusive access program, which converts previously physical course materials into digital content. This material is ready and waiting for you on the first day of class and is free until drop/add day (for the fall and spring semesters, that's two weeks free).

The cost of All Access materials has been negotiated to offer you the best price available. The All Access Program also eliminates the stress of finding the exact course materials for your class and the strain of carrying bulky, physical textbooks, all while saving you money. It’s all of the text without the book.


All Access Course Listings


Click each frequently asked question below for more information. 

Charges will appear on your e-bill following the drop/add deadline. This charge will show up on your bursar bill as a Bookstore charge with our phone number, in case you have any questions.

Don't feel like All Access is right for you? You can opt out before the drop/add deadline and you will not be charged. Opt-out instructions can be found here. If you choose to opt out, make sure you will not need access to any of the materials or courseware for homework assignments, lab work, quizzes, and exams.

Most All Access classes will have digital course materials. However, your professor may have arranged with a publisher to have a low-cost print version of the book available for additional purchase at the AU Bookstore. These are available for purchase at the textbook customer service window with the presentation of a valid Auburn ID after the drop/add deadline. The student must remain enrolled in the All Access program to purchase a low-cost physical copy of the course material.