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The goal of the Auburn University Bookstore is to work with campus to deliver lower cost course material options to every Auburn student. We understand how difficult it can sometimes be to afford materials for a class and the impact that can have on a successful outcome. It's our hope to help address both cost and student success by helping instructors and campus with the All Access program.

All Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive and adaptive digital content, while drastically reducing the cost to students. All Access eliminates the stress of trying to find the right course materials for your class and saves you money at the same time. If you're enrolled in a class that is designated as All Access, it means that your professor has worked with a publisher to grant you special access to the materials needed for that class. All Access classes have the textbook and supplemental material for the class delivered to you, so it's waiting for you the first day you go to class.


Course Materials at a Great Price!

Work has been done with publishers to get the best pricing on your course materials. All Access is just one more way Auburn is moving to keep prices lower for you.


If you’re enrolled, you’ve got the book.

To make things even easier, the billing for this material is applied to your bursar bill allowing payment when you pay tuition. All Access takes a little more worry out of the beginning of the semester and allows you to be a step ahead of your course.


After two free weeks, you can opt out of the charge for books. Want to opt out? Log in to AU Access, go to the student menu, and select the All Access option at the bottom and you can manage what digital course materials you’ll receive.


This option will only opt you out of the digital material, not the course. Remember, you will still be responsible for the purchase of your course materials on your own. Make sure you are prepared before opting out.


Charged to your eBill!

Your student account will be billed on the last day of drop/add, the 15th day of classes, so make sure the All Access program is right for you. This charge will show up on your bursar bill as a Bookstore charge with our phone number, in case you have any questions.


Most All Access classes will have digital course materials. However, your professor may have arranged with a publisher to have a low-cost print version of the book available for additional purchase at the AU Bookstore. These are available for purchase at the textbook customer service window with the presentation of a valid Auburn ID.