Selling back books is probably the most misunderstood and potentially frustrating part of the college textbook experience.
We incorporate sellback into our mission of lowering the cost of books here at Auburn, and want you to know how to use this service to maximize the money you get back for your books.

We use average selling prices of books on major online sites to determine how much we pay for books. Rather than a set percentage of each book, this pricing allows you to sell back your books to us without having to worry you could sell them for more online.

Sell back your books the last two weeks of class and the week of finals. Before this, we may not have all book information in from faculty or have our pricing finalized.

Make sure you don't take your books home during semester breaks to sell back later! We offer our best pricing during these times, but only for national demand after the period of finals in order to get the books in and ready for the next semester. You will get less money for your books.

We buy loose-leaf when we can, We accept loose-leaf books that are complete and in good condition.

We buy books from any source. No matter where you bought your books, bring them to us to sell. We buy larger quantities than our local competitors.