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Opting in or out of an All Access Class

Please note: Students may opt in or out at any time before the drop/add deadline (the fifteenth class day for fall and spring and the fifth class day for summer). After that day, charges are sent to Student Financial Services to be applied to your e-bill. We will not be able to reverse the charge after that date.

Make sure the course content isn’t required for homework, assessments or interactive lab work prior to opting out. Students will permanently lose access to this content by opting out.

 1. Log into AU Access, and then select Student Menu

2. Select the "All Access" tab near the bottom of the page.


3. After selecting the All Access tab, select the current term.

4. Once the current term is selected, All Access courses will populate with options to "change" at the far right.

5. Students can click the change button to opt in or out of the All Access material.
Note: This does not change your registration in the class, just your purchase option for the course materials.


6. You will be prompted to provide a reason for opting out of the class.

7. If completed correctly, there will be a green "success" near the middle of the page.

After successful opt-out, you will receive an email confirming the change. You can also refresh the All Access Management page and your status should change from "in" to "out."
We are able to apply All Access charges for course materials to contract billing scholarships that are normally handled through our scholarship counter in the Bookstore. We will also apply charges for student athletes to the Athletic Department if the student's scholarship covers course materials.